Our Adoption Process

Make contact with us by e-mail or telephone.

Complete our "Puppy Questionnaire" which we can send to you in "Word" format.  This is our initial information sharing tool.

Once we do a breeding and we know the timing of any possible future puppies, we review the completed puppy questionnaires we have on hand and normally begin inviting potential purchasers for a meet and greet at the Land of Silvercastle once any seasons have concluded.

Once puppies are born, we will accept a deposit if we have what our potential adopter might be seeking in sex and colour.

We are limiting visits to our home during the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result we may ask for additional information and/or photos. If we accept a deposit, at time of meeting during a puppy visit, if either party is NOT comfortable, we will refund your deposit. During this time we are permitting ONE puppy visit only prior to pick-up.

No puppies leave until they are at least 9 weeks of age. 


We breed for quality not quantity.  


Our primary colour is Salt & Pepper but we also have some Black & Silver.  We do not have any solid black.


All Silvercastle puppies are sold with a five year written health guarantee to be free from any genetically inherited or congenitally disabling disease.  All pet puppies are sold on a non‑breeding agreement.  All puppies are microchipped and have had at least one or two sets of vaccinations. 


When geographically possible, we also request a home visit at any prospective purchasers home whenever time, scheduling and weather permits.


Our dogs are all house dogs and are treated as members of the family.  We do not have a kennel and our puppies are raised first in the bedroom and then are moved to the family room where they are nicely socialized prior to leaving our home.  This makes the transition from our home to yours very smooth.


We intermittently have a litter of puppies. Should you wish to be considered when we may have availability, the first step is to complete our puppy questionnaire. We can forward this to you by e-mail.


Miniature Schnauzers

Boarding, Grooming, Training,

Rescue & Adoption


Videos of our

"Chocolates" Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

Should you be interested in possibly adopting a future Silvercastle puppy, make contact with us and we can send you our Puppy Questionnaire by e-mail which is the first step in the potential adoption process.  Please see our Adoption Process on the right of this page. 

For further information please e-mail to learn more.

Should the right home present itself, we also may have an older puppy or adult for placement.

Watch our "Chocolates" grow! Miniature Schnauzer puppies!  Click photo to view


Chocolates - 1st edition