June 2 - A Memorable Day in the Land of Silvercastle


It was on June 2, 1991 that Silvercastle whelped its first litter of puppies under the Silvercastle prefix (3 boys and 2 girls - all salt & pepper) and thus the strain of Silvercastle Schnauzers began.


It was on June 2, 2007 that Silvercastle got points towards a Championship title with a dog shown with natural ears!!!


Natural Ears vs. Cropped Ears


Natural ears vs. cropped ears has been and continues to be a very controversial topic.  On October 27, 2006, I had a puppy born that exemplified the breed standard.  While I got him prepared to crop and even got to the veterinary clinic, after cropping the one other show prospect puppy and with schedules being behind, kept looking at this one natural earred puppy with the shaved ears all ready for cropping.  I couldn't keep my eyes off of him.  Those ears . . . they just kept calling out to me and saying "look at this beautiful set of ears!".  Needless today, my puppy just went for a car ride that day and became what I call my "floppy dog".


Only wanting Dylan to get lightly introduced to the world of dog shows at a young age, I planned a very light campaign for this little man to enter the show ring as a junior puppy dog.  At the tender age of 7 months and only entered 1 day in a 4 day show weekend, I am very pleased to say that Ch. Silvercastle Dreaming Fly Boy "Dylan" captured his first points in heavy compeition from the Junior Puppy class and with ears on!!!


This was a welcome and very satisfying win for Ch. Silvercastle Dreaming Fly Boy, I am so proud of Dylan being able to represent and proudly carrying the Silvercastle prefix and be the very first natural earred dog that Silvercastle has entered into the show ring.  Dylan boosts a very nice set of natural ears for which I am very pleased about and look forward to others being able to follow suit.  Very special thanks to the judges that recognized Dylan in the show ring and put him up for the points!


October 6 - A Memorable Day in the Land of Silvercastle


On October 6, 1996, there was a wonderful litter of 5 puppies born - 4 boys and 1 girl.  Two boys were selected from this litter to be retained at the Land of Silvercastle!  Both of these boys became Champions, Ch. Silvercastle Cum Dream With Me "Dexter" and Ch. Silvercastle Handsome Dreamer "Higgins".


Dexter was not only a natural show dog, he became a cornerstone sire in the Land of Silvercastle.  Dexter has produced some exceptional puppies.  Currently in the Land of Silvercastle, Dexter's direct descendents range in age from 1 year to 12 years!  Dexter was in his element in the show ring - he loved to be at the front of the line to lead the others around.  A proud, regal and elegant dog.


Higgins was also a beautiful dog and while he finished his title, his preference would have been to be home on the couch or playing in the yard.  But he went through the process for me!  Higgins was not incorporated into our breeding program as it was discovered that he carried the mutated gene for Myotonia Congenita and therefore was not used for breeding.


On October 6, 2011, exactly 15 years later, another litter was born under the Silvercastle prefix.  These puppies are Dexter's grandchildren!  We welcome this new generation of exemplary puppies and look forward to their progress.  We have two boys and two girls and Dexter's quality is shining through and we are excited about the prospects we have with yet again this new generation.


This litter was actually late with their arrival.  Never did we think that they would wait until October 6 to make their appearance into this world.  It is truly a miracle with mother nature and the higher powers that be at work.  Never did we expect  that 15 years later we'd be blessed with these precious grandchildren on Dexter's 15th birthday. 


Silvercastle is proud of this new generation of October 6 arrivals.  We look forward to what they may become.


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